PhotoSophistry is a premier portrait and fashion photography studio. However, through our partnership network, we also facilitate opportunities for for those who wish to photograph weddings and other special events. 

One of the greatest photographers of any generation, Ansel Adams, posited, "You don’t take a photograph, you make it." PhotoSophistry engages in the fine art of making photos that tell a story. Each portrait or even candid photo speaks something about the subject and perhaps something else to the person who views the image. What we do is more than a science. It's an art. It's our art. Over the years of doing photography, we have developed it well and are always share it with our clients through our work.

PhotoSophistry showcases the work of San Francisco Bay Area based international photographer, David Fraser, and the creative genius of model/artistic director, Nicola Ifill. Our works spans three contents and the Caribbean, often taking us to exotic locations. We have also emerged as one of the most regarded portrait and fashion photography studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. Among our most unique offerings is our mobile studio. We bring our experience and equipment to you. Our services also include the guidance of a make-up, wardrobe and artistic director. David is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), attesting to the refinement and quality of his work, and offering assurance to clients that his work has the imprimatur of the oldest professional association for American photographers.

In 2012, and previously in 2010, our work was featured at the Pittsburg Civic Center plaza during a monthlong art display. In January 2011, we were a featured artist at Art for Opportunity, an annual wine tasting and artists' revue. In late 2011, our work was featured at Lynn House gallery in Antioch, California. During February 2012, 2013, and 2014 we were among the accredited photographers who were on hand to capture the culture and colors of the international carnival celebrations in Port of Spain, Trinidad. In keeping with our commitment to civil engagement, we are also the principal photographers for human service agency, Opportunity Junction.

With over a dozen years of professional experience, our team strives to put you at ease and make photography sessions enjoyable and memorable.

Commercial agencies interested in using any of the copyright images may contact us for a cost estimate and review of appropriate licenses.