Adrian Foster: Featured Fashion | Panåche Designer & Illustrator

For those whose understanding of fashion is constrained by a lack of enlightenment or simple unfamiliarity, the notion of fashion as art is at best bewildering and at worst incomprehensible. Yet, fashion is art - even if all art is not fashionable. And fashion even influences the other arts. 
A notable example of such influence may be found in the work of poet and playwright Edna St. Vincent Millay, who in her fashion-influenced poem, The Plaid Dress, wrote,
Strong sun, that bleach
The curtains of my room, can you not render
Colourless this dress I wear?
This violent plaid
Of purple angers and red shames; the yellow stripe
Of thin but valid treacheries; the flashy green of kind deeds done
Through indolence high judgments given here in haste; 
The recurring checker of the serious breach of taste? 
Adrian Wendell Foster, recognized by one source as an emerging “designer to watch,” has embraced the value of marrying fashion and art. In fact, he recognizes that they are inseparable. And so, he has managed to successfully blur, if not eliminate, the line of distinction between fashion illustrator and fashion designer. 
Born in November 1989 to his Trinidadian parents, Curtis and Wendy Ann Foster, he was raised alongside his older brother (by one year) in the town of Couva. Notwithstanding their closeness in age and the fraternal love they shared, Adrian’s older brother, Aaron, was outgoing and active, while Adrian was relatively shy and reserved. Yet, Adrian contends, “Sharing only closeness in resemblance, our unique interests never grew us apart.”
Adrian’s “God given talent” was first recognized by his mother. She observed he had an interest in art as he was always drawing objects, as soon as he began understanding the basics of utilizing pencil and paper. He practiced his sketching and became fascinated with the world of creative arts. This continued all through his levels of educational development as his kindergarten teachers, primary and even his secondary schools teachers recognized his gift. Receiving awards and special gifts and wining art competitions for his tremendous craftsmanship, it fueled his level of creativity even more.
Later, Adrian began developing a new style - an outgrowth of what he calls his “fascination with the female figure.” His new style for drawing women in fashionable clothing soon became a hobby as he kept collection of his design sketches which continued with him through his childhood years into present time.  He calls this collection “The Fashion Woman.”
Adrian was introduced to a close friend of his mother’s, Anthony Mc Farlene (deceased), also known as “Brownie” – a hairstylist and fashion designer who has worked with and met some of the world’s and Caribbean’s most talented people in and out of the fashion industry. Brownie opened the doors for Adrian, introducing him to pageantry. They worked side by side designing and creating Adrian’s first set of gowns,  which were worn by the delegates taking part in the local “queen shows” hosted yearly. He garnered several awards for best evening gown, the only aspect of the competition in which he was interested and to which he had contributed his amateur designer skills. This gave Adrian recognition and he soon became famous in his small hometown. Close friends and neighbors affectionately referred to him as the “Young Fashion Designer” 
At age 16, having had the opportunity to explore the creative world, Adrian was introduced to local fashion and costume designer and distinguished modeling agency director,  Jacqueline Koon How of San Fernando, Trinidad. She in turn introduced him to the world of costume design and costume making. Adrian continues to wokk with Ms. Koon How. 
Adrian is currently a student at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD) at the University of Trinidad & Tobago. He is pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design, and is awaiting acceptance into the Bachelor of Science Program, which he expects will enhance development.
In 2009 Adrian was the winner of a fashion illustration competition for a PCS Nitrogen event entitled “SHOW.” His illustration was displayed on the event invitation. For his design work, Adrian won first place, along with his team members, in a CAFD project for outstanding team effort and the most interesting design and design concept. Within the same year he won an award for best evening wear design for a Mastercard competition hosted in Falls West Mall.
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is delighted to welcome Adrian as a designer contributor to the much anticipated Fashion | Panåche photography project, to be held in Trinidad & Tobago, September 9-19. We look forward to photographing and showcasing his work. To share Adrian’s bio, click the Facebook "Like" button (below) to add a link a link to your Facebook wall.