Christian Boucaud: Featured Fashion | Panåche Designer

Designer Christian Boucaud (top right) with several of her designs

While Americans may awkwardly struggle to pronounce her surname, Boucaud, it would be  presumptuously inaccurate to conclude that she has just emerged from obscurity. On the contrary, Outlish Magazine wrote in 2010, “When Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago came to a close earlier this year, Christian Boucaud was the name on everyone's lips. Bringing the audience to its feet after the presentation of her latest swimwear collection "Christian Boucaud Designs", which she dedicated to the memory of her late grandmother, the 26-year-old designer had hit quite a fashionable homerun.” 
Named after the early to mid-twentieth century french designer, Christian Diór, Christian Boucaud was born on December 14, 1983 in Sangre Grande, the largest town in northeastern Trinidad. While many parents cherish aspirations of their children becoming teachers and nurses, doctors and lawyers, Christian’s mother insisted that she become a fashion designer. However after completing Advance levels at Toco Composite School she decided to pursue a career as a Secondary School Teacher. 
Wanting to improve her skills as a teacher, she began the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Even as her teaching career flourished, she never gave up her passion for designing and presented her first fashion show at age twenty in her home town Sangre Grande. She continued the fashion pursuit and also showed at Emerge 2004 and 2005, Makin Styles 2006-2010, where she was named campaign and house designer for Coco Velvet International. 
After teaching for seven years and still not receiving any formal training as a designer, the passion to design became dominant and in 2009, Christian decided to become a full time designer. In 2010, she launched an eco-line, with pieces made from used jeans and fabrics. It was at this point that she was highlighted by international magazines and received numerous invitations to participate in international fashion weeks. Then and now, her designs are eagerly sought. She has exported pieces within the Caribbean region to St. Kitts and St. Vincent. Her talented reach has also extended globally to Japan, Germany, Canada, the United States and elsewhere.
Christian credits the unwavering support of family and friends for her continued determination. Additionally, the enthusiasm for her designs shown by her astute Trinidadian and international clientele, has given impetus to resolve to be “an imaginative designer who incorporates the Caribbean aesthetic and contemporary styles” through her avant-garde creations as well contributing to the development of of the burgeoning Trinidad and Tobago fashion market. 
Trinidadian model, Arveyann Thomas, models a Christian Boucaud piece
Following is an abbreviated list of some of Christian’s accomplishments:
  • Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week (2008- 2010)
  • Miss City of Port of Spain (Best Haute Couture)
  • Makin Styles Campaign Designer (2005- 2009)
  • Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2009 swim suit sarong designer
  • Miss World 2009 swim suit campaign designer
  • Face designer of Makin Styles 2010 
  • Enigma of Styles 2009 and 2010 
  • National Training Agency Career Fair 2010 
  • Tobago Fashion Week 2011
  • Trinidad Newsday Mentality fashion series designer (2011)
Join ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY in welcoming Christian Boucaud to Fashion | Panåche, our fall fashion photography collection from Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to photographing her cutting edge styles and showcasing them on our website and through our planned winter/spring gallery displays.