Curvanel Clarke: Featured Fashion | Panåche Aspiring Model

Conventional wisdom says the youngest child in a family gets all the attention for being the baby. The oldest child is expected to be the leader. And, of course, the middle child gets to feel neglected and resentful. If conventional wisdom is even remotely correct, then someone has been woefully neglectful in conveying this “truth” to eighteen-year old Curvanel Clarke of Petit Valley, Diego Martin on the island of Trinidad. Not only is she the middle child of five siblings, she has no reservations about her potential for success.
Curvanel was born in Cocorite. Her mother, Petula Skeete, raised her among her two older sisters and two young brothers. Perhaps being a member of a sizable family gave impetus to her emergent interest in group social behavior. Curvanel’s goal beyond her pursuit of tertiary education is to become a sociologist. 
Barely one year beyond completion of her secondary education, she looks back fondly on the years she spent in attendance at Mucurapo West Secondary School. Initially finishing in 2010, she returned to Mucurapo for one additional year to add to the number of passes she had earned via the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). Now this middle child, in purposive defiance of conventional wisdom, does not waste her moments thinking of being neglected or feeling resentful. Instead, she embraces her past with a keen eye to the future. Her goal of studying sociology remains in tact. However, she plans to become a registered nurse first since she perceives this a more acheivable goal for the short term. “I want to help the sick, comfort them, put smiles on their faces,” she says. 
When asked to describe herself, Curvanel states, “I'm very ambitious, daring and brave. I love trying new things and meeting new people.” Like the typical young adult, Curvanel enjoys shopping or simply “liming” (a Trinidadian colloquialism for socializing) with her friends. 
By no means is she a professional model. In fact, though she has had an interest in modeling, she has not made the pursuit of it a primary objective. Hearing of ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY’s interest in supporting aspiring models as well as professionals in the Caribbean region, she made a convincing case to be allowed to participate. 
We welcome Curvanel to Fashion | Panåche and look forward to bolstering her chances for success as she makes her foray into the world of modeling.