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From the far northeastern village of Charlotteville to southwestern Bon Accord; From the  capitol of Scarborough, to the beachfront community of Buccoo; the people of Tobago, the smaller of the two major islands comprising the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, are proud yet endearing. They are self-reliant yet highly sociable. Carlos B. Dillon, an over sixty lifelong resident of the island tells of the Tobagonian way. “As a cluster of small communities, families within them take care of each other's families. When women cook, it is always said that there was sufficient for the "unseen guests". The unseen guests could be grandparents, Godparents, or any other old villager.” Tobago thrives on the spirit of community. 
Delia Alleyne, recognized as an emerging talent in Trinidad’s thriving fashion industry, was born at the Scarborough Regional Hospital in Tobago. She has lived on island since birth and has only been away when education pursuits on the sister isle, Trinidad, required her to be away.  She is the second of five children born to Ms. Joan Bobb Dann (Head of Open Campus Trinidad & Tobago) and Mr. Gene Alleyne, (retired Fire Officer, Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service). 
Delia’s interest in fashion began as a child. She reports, “I would sit and look at my mother creating garments for her clients. As I grew older, I was able to assist by putting the finishing touches on garments. I enjoyed beading bridal gowns. I would often times ask my mother to teach me to sew.” As her passion for fashion grew, she selected Clothing and Textiles as one of her CXC O’level subject choices when she attended Signal Hill Senior Secondary School (1995-1997). 
With growing hunger for knowledge after completing Secondary School,  Delia enrolled in the Clothing and Textiles Technician Programme at the John S. Donaldson Technical Institute, Port-of-Spain, where she obtained a Diploma. Immediately thereafter, she  began a career as a Technical Vocational Teacher at Goodwood High School in Tobago, where she taught from 2000-2008. 
In her spare time, Delia would create pageant pieces for representatives in the Tobago Heritage Festival and the Inter-department Queen Show Held in Tobago. On several occasions, the Best Gown title would go the wearers of her creations. Such was the case on July 22, 2011 when Aiesha Campbell won the Best Gown award wearing one of Delia’s gowns at the Tobago Heritage Festival. 
Currently, Delia is a student at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design, University of Trinidad and Tobago. She posits, “I believe in trying to do my best, no matter the task, in everything I do. This philosophy has allowed me to do well up until this point at CAFD.” A true testimony to this philosophy is evidenced by the fact that Delia placed second in her group (Zadd and Eastman) at the Designer Critic Award Show. 
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY welcomes Delia Alleyne to Fashion | Panåche.
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