Jeanine Diniece Phillip: Featured Fashion | Panåche Model

Nineteenth century German poet, novelist and dramatist, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe,  in an elegant and poignant conceptualization of beauty, wrote the following: “Beauty is a primeval phenomenon, which itself never makes its appearance, but the reflection of which is visible in a thousand different utterances of the creative mind, and is as various as nature herself.” From Van Goethe’s perspective, beauty goes beyond static descriptions and manifests itself in many ways as understood and experienced by the creative mind. 
Beauty reflects from without. Beauty emanates from within. It is often a product of genetic fortuitousness. It is less frequently a result of how observers perceive it. And in in even rarer instances, beauty is a product of ingenuity - a sharp mind; a honed intellect.
Jeanine Diniece Phillip (who prefers to be called Diniece) represents an amalgamation of beauty that reflects from without and that which emanates from within. The slender 5’ 9” twenty-three year who was born and raised in Eldorado Gardens, Tunapuna, Trinidad, is not only physically attractive by any conventional measures, she is also intellectually absorbing. 
With a shared Trinidadian and Grenadian heritage, Diniece humorously speaks of certain physical attributes her family associates with her Grenadian grandparents. Most  assuredly, she is a proud Trinbagonian who stated, “It has been a dream of mine to represent Trinidad & Tobago through pageantry.”
Consistent with that desire, Diniece auditioned for Ms. Universe Trinidad and Tobago for the past two years. In what is indicative of the amiableness of this young woman, she reported, “I am still always impressed by our representatives’ poise, grace and beauty.”  On the first occasion, she was among the final twenty of the scores of applicants. On the second occasion, she was among the final sixteen. Undeterred, she has stated unequivocally, “I do intend to try again.”
Diniece currently works for a government social programme as a Marketing Assistant. It is an appropriate professional placement since she holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, and is currently completing her Master of Business Administration degree, with a focus in Marketing. Her goal is to become a Marketing and Communications Specialist. 
Image provided courtesy of Krayzie Photography, Trinidad & Tobago
Highly social in her demeanor, Diniece enjoys mixing and meeting new people. Coming from a family of three siblings, where she is the youngest, she is perhaps accustomed to the attention that often accompanies being the baby of the family. She is also expressive and has found an avenue for sharing her perspective on life. It is through her  own blog called “My Epiphany” ( Her inspiration, she said, came from one of her favorite albums, Chrisette Michelle’s 'Epiphany'. Asked about what it means to her on a personal level, she responded, “The blog allows me to share my opinions and experiences on love and life with a large group of people who often comment and relate to my posts. I hope to develop my blog in the future to incorporate posts on fashion, culture, politics and other current events relevant to Trinidad and Tobago.”
Among the things that strikes most about Diniece is that she is well rounded. From pageantry to blogging, from management to marketing, she is beautiful inside and out. For this reason and more, we are pleased to welcome her to Fashion | Panåche, and look forward to photographing her and showcasing her images on our website and as a part of our winter/spring 2012 gallery display. Congratulations, Diniece.