Dominique La Roche: Fashion | Panåche Featured Designer


Dominique La Roche avows his belief in the “Caribbean aesthetic.” He feels as a designer he is obligated to contribute his part to the shaping of the Caribbean fashion mosaic, particularly his fascination with and his interpretation of the reverse appliqué Molar art technique done by the Kuna/Cuna tribe of the San Blas Islands of Panama. Notwithstanding, his Trinbagonian biography [native of Trinidad & Tobago] does inform his work with a Carnivalesque twist. 

For the past twenty (20) years, he has been called avant-garde, post-modern, hi-tech, and even theatrical. In light of the “theatrical” designation, he was nominated for Trinidad & Tobago’s highest theater award - the Cacique Award - in 2000 for costuming. His ingenious sense of style originated in his early theater exploits where he distinguished himself creating props and costumes during the 1990s. 

As a resident designer at Mannequins Caribbean (a model/talent management, production agency with six (6) chapters in the Caribbean), Dominique has traveled throughout the Caribbean region showcasing his lines as well as styling leading and supporting cast at theatrical presentations. Recently, he participated in Guyana Fashion Week and Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago, where he created quite a “stir” with his masked faces rendering a veritable idiosyncratic flavor to the entire event. 

As part of his fashion designing, Dominique has contributed to the wardrobes of several beauty queens at international pageants. In addition, he has been a consistent presence in the world of pageantry as a stylist, makeup artist, and coach to models. He contends that his multi-faceted engagement in the fashion world is driven by his purpose of “rendering a theatrical dimension to the showing of Caribbean fashion and ways of merchandising our peculiar cultural style.”

ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is delighted to welcome Dominique La Roche to Fashion | Panåche. We look forward to photographing and subsequently displaying his distinctive designs.