Elizabeth Lucas: Featured Fashion | Panåche Designer

It doesn’t matter how unoriginal or duplicative the plots and themes may be, wedding movies tend to attract the crowds. In early May 2011, the movie Bridesmaids opened in American theaters as the number one comedy. And while many of the other great wedding movies cannot stake a claim to the number one position, most have done quite well at the box office. 
Consider other greats like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, and Something Borrowed. What do they all share in common? A love story. A story about overcoming challenges as two individuals, their friends, and families reach the pivotal moment of celebratory delight. It a May 17, 2011 report, CBS News correspondent Betty Nguyen proposed (no pun intended) that the appeal in weddings and the movies that depict them lies in the fact that they are intrinsically romantic. 
For many women, however, it’s all about the bride’s gown. Yes, the romance and notions of love and living happily ever after are important. But on the day of their nuptials, it’s about the gown. The gowns themselves may range from princess glamourous to elegantly simple, generally reflecting the taste of the bride. But the gowns also reflect the skills of their designers. So, in many respects the wedding gown is as important to the designer as it is to the bride. 
The designers, like Elizabeth Lucas of Sangre Grande, Trinidad, who boldly undertake the challenges of making wedding gowns, often take that path because they derive a measure of personal satisfaction from their work. Elizabeth reports, “My deep love is for wedding dresses. I just love to see those tears of joy on my bride's face.” There is a sense of personal triumph when a design meets with the bride’s approval and ultimately with the approval of those who look at the bride.
Bridal gowns designed by Elizabeth Lucas
Elizabeth began designing and sewing approximately twenty years ago. It was a natural outgrowth of a childhood interest in fashion sketching. As she tells it, she spent many spare moments drawing and sketching and dreaming about fashion. And while she is adept at other ancillary trades (including hairstyling), upon graduating from Northeastern College in Sangre Grande, Elizabeth’s frustrations about not finding a seamstress who could adequately bring her designs to life, she decided to pursue additional studies in dressmaking and design. She enrolled in and successfully completed other courses at John Donaldson Technical Institute and the University of Trinidad and Tobago.
Some in Trinidad may recognize Elizabeth from her involvement in pageantry. Not only has she made her mark through modeling; her gowns have been worn by other pageant notables such as Danielle Hamilton (Miss City of Port of Spain, 2006) and Kristelle Ross (Miss Elegance, 2006).
Today, Elizabeth operates The Bridal Factory, a successful virtual one stop for brides and weddings. And while she continues to design for all occasions, she is still very much attuned to her great love, designing the wedding gown. 
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY  is pleased to welcome Elizabeth as one of the selected designers for our Fashion | Panåche photography project in Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to photographing her work, featuring it on our website, and including it in our Winter/Spring 2011 gallery displays. 
Welcome to Fashion | Panåche, Elizabeth.