Welcome to ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY's news and information page for Fashion | Panåche 2011. This year's event took us to the fabulous Twin Island Republic, Trinidad & Tobago. During September 9-19, our cameras followed professional as well as aspiring fashion designers, makeup artists and models. We will also captured some images from the performing arts community, including dancers and choreographers.  

The resulting rich collection of images are being showcased here on enashaphotography.com, and selected images will be showcased at our Winter and/or Spring 2012 gallery display. 

Check back from time to time for updated information.


Update, December 26, 2011: ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce the selection of Trinidadian designer, Adrian Wendell Foster, as Fashion | Panåche designer of year (2011). Selected from a short list of four talented and well-regarded designers, Adrian’s work was deemed outstanding in five evaluative categories: Fashionable/Chic Design; Utility of the Designs; Colour Cohesiveness; Creativity/Freshness; Trendsetting/Fashion Forward. Visit the announcement page for additional details. You may also see Adrian's online Fashion | Panåche portfolio here on our website. 


Update, December 21, 2011: ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce the selection of Trinbagonian model, Diana Quashie, as Fashion | Panåche model of year (2011). From an initial field of approximately one dozen contenders, followed by a narrowed field of three, reviewers settled on Diana as the model with the most apparent promise and prospects for a full-fledged modeling career. Visit the announcement page for additional details. You may also see Diana's online Fashion | Panåche portfolio here on our website.


Model: Stephanie Craig Update, September 22, 2011: Our team has just completed twelve days of on location shoots in the fabulous twin island republic, Trinidad & Tobago. Our cameras followed and captured images of professional and aspiring fashion designers, makeup artists and models, as well as some performing artists throughout the Southern Caribbean island. From Port of Spain to San Fernando, Chaguaramas to Lopinot, we captured the very best and will publish the images steadily in the coming weeks. VISIT THE FASHION PANÅCHE GALLERY each week as we unfold the various collections.  


Update, September 10, 2011: Our team has been in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago for the past couple days. We've met with talented designers, planned with our regional partners, and yes, we have begun our much anticipated Fashion | Panåche photo shoots. We have a very hectic schedule that often requires up to six (6) hours of photography each day. The images will be posted here on our website when we return to the United States later this month. Many of the images will also be prepared for gallery display during Winter/Spring 2012. If you are a Facebook friend, you may see small samples of our images there. Stay tuned for more information. 


Feature, August 27, 2011: Elizabeth began designing and sewing approximately twenty years ago. It was a natural outgrowth of a childhood interest in fashion sketching. As she tells it, she spent many spare moments drawing and sketching and dreaming about fashion. And while she is adept at other ancillary trades (including hairstyling), upon graduating from Northeastern College in Sangre Grande, Elizabeth’s frustrations about not finding a seamstress who could adequately bring her designs to life, she decided to pursue additional studies in dressmaking and design. She enrolled in and successfully completed other courses at John Donaldson Technical Institute and the University of Trinidad and Tobago. To learn more about Elizabeth, visit her feature page. We look forward to photographing her work as a part of our Fashion | Panåche project and showcasing her work on our website. 


Feature, August 21, 2011: Without a doubt, when one encounters Stephanie Vanessa Craig, a curly-haired nineteen year old beauty from the Southern Caribbean’s Trinidad and Tobago, her piercing eyes and captivating presence is immediately engaging. As such, it is deceptively easy to assume that her greatest assets are her most visible. And while a case can be made that how one carries one’s beauty is a talent, Stephanie does in fact hold a special talent few outside her circle have experienced. There is more - much more to Stephanie. To learn more about her, visit her feature page. We are excited about photographing her as a part of our Fashion | Panåche project, showcasing her work on our website, and including her in our 2012 Winter/Spring gallery displays.


Feature, August 18, 2011: Meet Rachel Simone John, a stunning 5' 10" beauty from the Southern Caribbean island of Trinidad. Apart from being a finalist and receiving the award for “Best Personal Style” in the 2010 Miss Trinidad & Tobago World pageant (a noteworthy accomplishment for her first entry in a national pageant), Rachel has already accomplished much in the highly competitive fashion model industry. She has been featured in ET&T Weekly Magazine and has worked with a number of prominent Trinidadian photographers. She intends to become an internationally recognized name in the fashion model industry. But that aim is no more significant that her goal to become a respected criminal psychologist. We are delighted that Rachel was selected as one of our Fashion | Panåche models for our photography project in Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to photographing her and featuring her work here and in our winter/spring 2012 galleries. Visit Rachel's gallery for to learn more about her and few photographs. 


Feature, August 15, 2011Jeanine Diniece Phillip (who prefers to be called Diniece) represents an amalgamation of beauty that reflects from without and that which emanates from within. The slender 5’ 9” twenty-three year who was born and raised in Eldorado Gardens, Tunapuna, Trinidad, is not only physically attractive by any conventional measures, she is also intellectually absorbing. Among the things that strikes most about Diniece is that she is well rounded. From pageantry to blogging, from management to marketing, she is beautiful inside and out. For this reason and more, we are pleased to welcome her to Fashion | Panåche, and look forward to photographing her and showcasing her images on our website and as a part of our winter/spring 2012 gallery display. Visit her feature page to view photos and learn more about Diniece. 


Feature, August 12, 2011: One of the pivotal points of this professional model’s career was being featured in Express Woman’s Magazine in a 2009 portrayal of the first lady of the United States of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama. Another career highlight for Ria Nelson was being crowned Miss Tourism Queen International, Trinidad & Tobago, in 2008, and representing her country at the international pageant in the People’s Republic of China. Ria is among the select models who will be photographed during our Fashion | Panåche photography project in Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to showcasing her work on our website and as a part of our winter and spring gallery displays. Visit her feature page to learn more and view additional photos. 


Feature, August 8, 2011: While Americans may awkwardly struggle to pronounce her surname, Boucaud, it would be  presumptuously inaccurate to conclude that she has just emerged from obscurity. On the contrary, Outlish Magazine wrote in 2010, “When Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago came to a close earlier this year, Christian Boucaud was the name on everyone's lips. Bringing the audience to its feet after the presentation of her latest swimwear collection "Christian Boucaud Designs", which she dedicated to the memory of her late grandmother, the 26-year-old designer had hit quite a fashionable homerun.” During our Fashion | Panåche photography project in September, we will photograph several of Christian's cutting edge styles and look forward to showcasing her work here later this fall. Visit her feature page to learn more about her and see photographs of her work.


Feature, August 5, 2011: Here's a young woman who takes square aim at conventional wisdom and manages to turn its claims into nothing more than questionable generalizations. Curvanel was born in Cocorite. Her mother, Petula Skeete, raised her among her two older sisters and two young brothers. Perhaps being a member of a sizable family gave impetus to her emergent interest in group social behavior. Curvanel’s goal beyond her pursuit of tertiary education is to become a sociologist. She also has an interest in modeling and made a convincing case for participating in our Fashion | Panåche photography project. We look forward to photographing her and showcasing her images here later this fall. To learn more about Curvanel, visit her feature page. 


Feature, July 31, 2011: Meet Adrian Foster. One source calls him "an emerging designer to watch." He is currently a student at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD) at the University of Trinidad & Tobago. He is pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design, and is awaiting acceptance into the Bachelor of Science Program, which he expects will enhance development. In 2009 Adrian was the winner of a fashion illustration competition for a PCS Nitrogen event entitled "SHOW." His illustration was displayed on the event invitation. For his design work, Adrian won first place, along with his team members, in a CAFD project for outstanding team effort and the most interesting design and design concept. In short, few doubt Adrian is really "going places" in the fashion industry. Visit his feature page to read his fascinating biography and see images of his work. And, of course, we look forward to photographing and showcasing that work later this fall.  


Feature, July 28, 2011: With a smile as radiant as a Caribbean sunrise, and eyes as bright as the twin stars of Gemini, Tekeira Atkins is both disarming and captivating. Only fifteen years old and a high school student at Tunapuna Secondary School on the island of Trinidad, she has already managed to balance her academic pursuits with several extra-curricular activities that make for a relatively well-rounded young lady. Visit Tekeira's feature page to learn more about this junior model. And of course, we look forward to displaying her collection here with the rest of our galleries later this fall. 


Feature, July 26, 2011: From the far northeastern village of Charlotteville to southwestern Bon Accord; From the  capitol of Scarborough, to the beachfront community of Buccoo; the people of Tobago, the smaller of the two major islands comprising the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, are proud yet endearing. They are self-reliant yet highly sociable. Delia Alleyne, recognized as an emerging talent in Trinidad’s thriving fashion industry, was born at the Scarborough Regional Hospital in Tobago. She has lived on island since birth and has only been away when education pursuits on the sister isle, Trinidad, required her to be away. Visit Delia's feature page to learn more about her. And of course, we are eager to display her work here later this fall.


Feature, July 22, 2011: Who would have imagined that from the small Caribbean Sea coastal village of Moruga in Trinidad, a woman of Soowan Bramble exquisite beauty and arresting charm would emerge to grace the covers of print publications and captivate the fashion community on runways across the island nation! Of course this is neither an indictment of Moruga nor a statement of incredulity about Soowan’s obvious talents. However, she readily calls attention to her “humble beginnings,” and refers to herself as being “born and raised in the countryside.” Soowan will be photographed during our Fashion | Panåche project in Trinidad in September 2011. She will feature the work of designer Sharon Christopher. To learn more about this enchanting model, visit her feature page. And of course we look forward to showcasing her work on this site later this fall. 


Feature, July 16, 2011: One may easily conclude, upon reading what the Trinidad & Tobago print media has published about, Candice Clarke-Andell that she must be either a socio-political activist or perhaps a power broker silently changing the landscape of the arts in the Southern Caribbean island nation. Writing about Ms. Clarke-Andell’s 2010 launch of Dance Creola Magazine, a columnist for the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian quoted a prominent member of the arts community who labelled her work “a priceless contribution to Trinidad and Tobago’s historical and cultural landscape.” She is one of the most celebrated dancers/choreographers in Trinidad & Tobago and will be featured prominently in our Fashion | Panåche project. Read more about Ms. Clarke-Andell on her feature page. We look forward to photographing her and her dance troupe and showcasing their work later this fall. 


Feature, July 9, 2011: Considered one of the most promising designers at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion & Design (University of Trinidad & Tobago), Sharon Christopher has been selected as one of those whose work will be photographed and ultimately showcased in the San Francisco Bay Area as a part of Fashion | Panåche 2011. Sharon's work is very highly respected. Accordingly, she was recommended and ultimately selected as a participant in the project. Visit Sharon's feature page to learn more about this extraordinary designer. And of course, we are eager to display her work here later this fall. 


Update, July 5, 2011: ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce that Trinidadian Fashion Director, Christopher Nathan, is now a Fashion | Panåche partner. He’s a veritable household name in Trinidad & Tobago’s burgeoning fashion industry. But his acclaim extends beyond his native Trinidad, beyond the Caribbean region, to the global fashion community. Mr. Nathan will play a primary role in the selection of Fashion | Panåche models and designers for the September 2011 activities in Trinidad & Tobago. Read his impressive bio to learn of his major contribution to the Caribbean fashion industry. We welcome you aboard, Christopher. 


Feature, July 4, 2011: Some mischaracterize modeling as merely a showcase of pretty faces or chiseled physiques. Aspiring Trinidadian model, Nichole Samuel, challenges that perception. While it is true that she is beautiful by all conventional measures, Nichole is equally adept at showcasing her remarkable intellectual acuity. A prospective physician, she is off to join the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies during the 2011-12 academic year. ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is delighted that she has been selected as one of the featured models for Fashion | Panåche. Visit Nichole's feature page to learn more about her. And of course we will showcase her work here later in the fall. 


Update, June 30, 2011: Holiday Fun Pageant - New Fashion | Panåche Partner. ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY's Artistic Director, Nicola Ifill-Fraser, and Holiday Fun Pageant Director, Akilah Carty, announced on Thursday, June 30, 2011, the formation of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing Fashion | Panåche 2011, to be held in Trinidad & Tobago in the coming weeks. Ms. Carty, a seasoned pageant director, has held the Holiday Fun Pageant franchise since its founding in 1999. 

The Trinidad Guardian newspaper reports, "Holiday Fun Pageant (HFP) is a registered non-governmental and non-profitable organization. This organization, geared towards developing self-esteem, appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and the critical thinking skills of young girls, targets children between the ages of five-ten years. Each year HFP changes its theme to bring out the creative side in children..."

Ms. Carty is engaged in the screening process for the selection of models who will participate in the Fashion | Panåche photo sessions. While her focus is primarily on identify teen models, the scope of her activities may expand further as both parties deem necessary. Additionally, Ms. Carty travels extensively on the international circuit and purportedly has a "keen eye" for emerging fashion trends and potentially successful modeling aspirants. 

As a part of the agreement, ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY will be a future prize sponsor for Holiday Fun Pageant and may also provide photography services. Welcome aboard, Director Akilah Carty and Holiday Fun Pageant


Update, June 29, 2011: In the San Francisco Bay Area, few may actually see him. However, millions hear his steady voice regularly on KCBS radio, the largest all news format radio station in the region. He is the station’s Contra Costa County Bureau Chief and weekend morning anchor. In his official KCBS biographical sketch, he writes, “I have covered stories of triumph and tragedy. I have met many wonderful people whose inspiring stories continue to reverberate to this day with valuable life lessons about character, dignity and sensibility.” Mr. Padilla is a true music aficionado who apparently holds a special place in his heart for jazz. In a broader sense, however, he is a man of the arts. 

ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased that Dave Padilla will be among the team members who will review the Fashion | Panåche images following the September events in Trinidad & Tobago. He will assist in selecting the top designer, makeup artist and model. Each of those selected will be awarded a professional hard cover portfolio of their work in addition to the e-portfolio each accepted participant will receive. To learn more about Mr. Padilla, visit his bio page at KCBS. Welcome aboard, Dave


Feature, June 27, 2011: For Nicola Ifill-Fraser (neé Sammy-Ifill), Fashion | Panåche represents the fulfillment of a dream. It's not simply a dream to be fully immersed in modeling or fashion. She has long realized such ambitions with apparent success. Rather, she has had a desire, since moving from Trinidad & Tobago to the San Francisco Bay Area, to create partnerships with Trinbagonian designers, makeup artists, and models, where they will be provided opportunity to showcase their work to the international community. Through her successful photography business, a partnership with her spouse, she has developed the framework to do just that. In was in this context Fashion | Panåche was born. Not only is Nicola coordinating the event, she is also back in front of the camera as a featured model. Visit Nicola's feature page to learn more about her background. Then be sure to check back later this fall for her collection.


Update, June 26, 2011: The countdown to Fashion | Panåche 2011 in fabulous Trinidad & Tobago continues. Some of the greatest venues for our "on location" shooting have been selected. We are working with a bevy of beautiful models, a cadre of distinguished designers, and a collection of ingenious makeup artists. Just ten short weeks away, we are arranging our calendars and putting the final touches in place. And of course, we are leaving some moments for our own fun in the sun. Check back soon for more updates.


Feature, June 21, 2011: Trinidad & Tobago is considered a veritable fashion mecca in the Eastern Caribbean. With its well-regarded and in-demand designers playing a key role in major pageants such as Miss World and Miss Universe, the Caribbean island has taken its rightful place in the fashion world. Dominique La Roche is certainly among the most remarkable fashion designers in Trinidad & Tobago. His unconventional pieces are ubiquitous in Fashion Week and other international acclaimed fashion events. ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY will photograph some of his collection as a part of Fashion | Panåche during September 2011. Visit Dominique's feature page to read his bio and see a small collage of his work. And of course, we will showcase his work here later in the fall. 


Feature, June 15, 2011Our select group of designers, makeup artists, and models grows each week as we add new partners. This week we are delighted to feature one of Trinidad & Tobago's makeup artists, Sasiya Albert. A well regarded model in her own right, Sasiya has previously placed in the Southern Caribbean nation's Miss Trinidad & Tobago. For sure, she is proud of her national heritage and even designed a makeup concept called "National Pride" featuring a visually stunning blend of red, white and black, the colors of her national flag. Visit Sasiya's feature page and of course, you can anticipate photos of her work featured here later this fall.


Update, June 3, 2011: This week we finalized plans with two vendors who will provide print services for the print portfolio that will be provided to the selected designer, model and makeup artist. The sample portfolios (bound books) look great and will allow someone to display their work with pride. In other matters this week, we did begin to formalize plans to meet with designers for coffee/brunch to discuss the work we will photograph. 


Update, May 24, 2011: Las Cuevas... here we come! In consulting with our partners, we have selected the beach at Las Cuevas on Trinidad's north coast as one of our primary shooting sites for Fashion | Panåche 2011. This location will be used primarily for the swim collection and the fashion casual collection. Designers and models, we will notify you about dates and times in the near future... 


For more detailed information, download the full information packet (PDF), or contact us by email.