Nichole Samuel: Fashion | Panåche Featured Model



Just call her Doctor. After all, realization of her goal of becoming a medical practitioner is paramount for Fashion | Panåche model, Nichole Samuel. In the upcoming academic year, she will take the first step towards that achievement when she enters the Faculty of Medical Sciences (University of the West Indies, St. Augustine) in pursuit of a medical/surgical degree.  

Nichole’s desire for excellence is quite apparent. She is a graduate of Bishop Anstey High School in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Considered amongst the most prestigious high schools on the Southern Caribbean island, graduates often go on to secure coveted places in the universities’ most competitive programs. It is quite telling that Nichole was considered a “model student.”

To conclude that Nichole is single dimensional, given her strong academic focus, would be an inaccurate. She plays tennis and is an avid fan of and participant in dragon boat racing. While a member on  her school’s team, they placed 2nd in the Inter-School Dragon Boat Regatta in March 2010, as well as the Chinese Arrival Dragon Festival (All Girls Category) in October 2010.

Nichole describes herself as “hard working, driven, selfless and fun-loving.” At age 19 she is certainly very purpose and goal-oriented in her approach to life. She posits, “Modeling is a prospective interest of mine.” While not a professional pursuit, she sees it as “gateway” for accomplishing some of her long term goals. 

ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY welcomes Nichole Samuel to Fashion | Panåche.