Sasiya Albert: Fashion | Panåce Featured Artist


She's witty, provocative and by no means a rookie to the world of fashion and pageantry. The elegant six-foot plus model has successfully placed in the Southern Caribbean's Miss Trinidad & Tobago. Today, while still active in the highly competitive world of modeling, she focuses primarily on makeup artistry. 

Some say, "those who can't do, teach." Sasiya has all but disproven that maxim. She is successful in what she does, and is adept at teaching it. Just observe her instructional video clips on makeup. Her passion and knowledge are quite evident. 

Sasiya tells her story best. She refers to her transition as, "My journey from being self centered to being selfless." She continues, "Modelling was limitless popularity and stardom, but it took a toll on myself esteem, although I was in the gym twice a day and the beauty spa saw me at least once a week, it just wasn't enough. Not enough for me at least, I wanted to be perfect, so I felt inadequate. I questioned myself,  if other people were happy without the body or the face I have, then what makes me happy? 'Chasing waterfalls?' I have always had a growing love affair with makeup, until one day I did a young lady's face who had alot of acne. She cried when I was done, that made me happy. For once I could give someone confidence in themselves and make them happy for a while. I had found my Nirvana, I will never work another day in life because my makeup artistry is not labor, it is an execution of love."

These days, Sasiya is in high demand for professional photo shoots as well as the wedding circuit, where every bride wants to look like one million dollars. And apparently she doesn't disappoint. 

ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is excited to partner with Sasiya for Fashion | Panåche during September 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago. We will photograph her work and showcase it in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Congratulations, Sasiya. We expect our time together will be no less than delightful. Welcome to Fashion | Panåche.

To contact Sasiya, please send a message via our contact link above.