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Who would have imagined that from the small Caribbean Sea coastal village of Moruga in Trinidad, a woman of Soowan Bramble’s exquisite beauty and arresting charm would emerge to grace the covers of print publications and captivate the fashion community on runways across the island nation! Of course this is neither an indictment of Moruga nor a statement of incredulity about Soowan’s obvious talents. However, she readily calls attention to her “humble beginnings,” and refers to herself as being “born and raised in the countryside.” 
She was raised by her single mom along with five siblings - three brothers and two sisters. Notwithstanding their personal struggles, in a remarkable twist of fate, coupled with sheer determination, Soowan went from Moruga to Mexico. After conducting a comprehensive campaign to find the Caribbean face best suited to represent their product, Italian company Campari selected her as the Caribbean face of their brand. Soowan was chosen from a broad field of remarkable women representing the entire Caribbean region. Earlier this year, the girl from Moruga flew to Mexico where she worked with top makeup artists, stylists and photographers to complete the ads that will soon become a staple across the entire region. 
The path from Moruga to Mexico involved smaller but useful steps. Soowan actually began modeling in 2004 and was initially trained by The House of Jacqui Fashion Agency founder, Jacqulin Koon How. Later she received additional training from acclaimed fashion director and chief executive of Coco Velvet International, Christopher Nathan. In 2008 she became the first professional fashion model to be selected and employed as a fashion sketch model at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD), University of Trinidad & Tobago. She continues in that role today when called upon.
In what was clearly a banner year for the twenty-something model, Soowan enchanted onlookers as she took to the runway for Trinidad Fashion Week in 2010. This was a repeat performance after a memorable debut at the previous year’s event. In 2010, she was also selected as the face of SHE Caribbean Magazine. In speaking on behalf of the magazine about Soowan’s selection for the cover, Mae Wayne stated, “Pictures don't lie. Soowan has the full package: she's gorgeous, with the right attitude and a body to die for. I think she'll go far…” And from all indications, Soowan is poised to do just that. 
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is delighted that we will photograph and publish images of Soowan Bramble as a part of the much anticipated Fashion | Panåche photography project in September. Soowan will work primarily with designer Sharon Christopher under the guidance of Christopher Nathan. We look forward to showcasing the products of this partnership and anticipate displaying the images in our winter and spring gallery displays. 
Soowan, welcome to Fashion | Panåche.
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Above: Soowan Bramble on the cover of SHE Caribbean Magazine
Credits: Images in Collage by Gerald Hart