Stephanie Vanessa Craig: Featured Fashion | Panåche Artist and Model 

Erica Jong, distinguished American author of such literary works as Any Woman’s Blues and What Do Women Want, proposes, “Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” Jong’s postulation of what seems to be a sweeping generality is anything but that. Instead, she draws upon her experience as a literary artist whose own personal adroitness taught her that within each of us lies some measure of talent capable of touching others. 
Without a doubt, when one encounters Stephanie Vanessa Craig, a curly-haired nineteen year old beauty from the Southern Caribbean’s Trinidad and Tobago, her piercing eyes and captivating presence is immediately engaging. As such, it is deceptively easy to assume that her greatest assets are her most visible. And while a case can be made that how one carries one’s beauty is a talent, Stephanie does in fact hold a special talent few outside her circle have experienced. 
Sketchpad in hand, Stephanie has the ability to capture the essence of her surroundings through remarkable artistic renderings. Jong’s claim that “everyone has talent,” may have some merit. But everyone does not have this type of talent. To merely replicate what one sees is one thing. To artistically render and interpret what one sees is another thing. Among the most engaging of Stephanie’s artwork is a self-portrait aptly titled, Two Hearts on the Edge. Equally riveting is her Model Blues, an intriguing depiction of the challenge of a life circumstance curtailing a young girl’s dreams.
Stephanie's sketches from the bottom left going clockwise - Two Hearts On The Edge; Up On A Pedestal; Model Blues
Notwithstanding her fine artistic capabilities, Stephanie contends that drawing is an outgrowth of her “alone time.” She told us, “When I am alone, I draw.” She did concede to us her belief that “talent is achieved by working on what God has given to you.”
Stephanie is by no means an artistic recluse. Yes, she has successfully completed her Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels secondary school competency exams (required in the Caribbean and most Commonwealth countries) at the Holy Faith Convent in Couva, Trinidad. She has plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in business administration. In reality life has required her to exercise a bit of social dexterity. She does, after all, come from a family of ten, including her parents, seven sisters and one brother. Talent, however, can never be shrouded in obscurity or lost in numbers. Stephanie, as the fifth child in her family has found her own measure of success. 
While she has some misgivings about practices in the fashion modeling industry, she has embraced it and is clearly on the path to showcasing her talent in that arena. She is new to industry (approximately one year), bringing a fresh look and a determined disposition. Stephanie speaks fondly of the fact that during her relatively short tenure in fashion modeling, she has worked with Christopher Nathan, the distinguished executive of Coco Velvet International and Fashion | Panåche partner. Specifically, she participated in his presentation, Top Model/ Making style Gala, where she modeled for designer Christian Boucaud (also a Fashion | Panåche selected designer). Stephanie has also modeled for lines such as Spice Rack and design students from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion & Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. 
Since she has been focused on the completion of her A-Level exams, her modeling activities over the past several months has been somewhat curtailed. However, she has worked regularly with Trinidadian photographer Kerron Riley, whom she credits for most of her experience.
Stephanie enjoys music from several genres, but has a particular penchant for R&B. A friend referred to her as singer Chris Brown’s most avid fan. Certainly, this talented young woman seems balanced, purposive and goal-oriented. 
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to welcome Stephanie Vanessa Craig to our  Fashion | Panåche project in Trinidad & Tobago. We are excited about photographing her, showcasing her work on our website, and including her in our 2012 Winter/Spring gallery displays.
Welcome to Fashion | Panåche, Stephanie.