Tekeira Atkins: Fashion | Panåche Junior Model 

With a smile as radiant as a Caribbean sunrise, and eyes as bright as the twin stars of Gemini, Tekeira Atkins is both disarming and captivating. Only fifteen years old and a high school student at Tunapuna Secondary School on the island of Trinidad, she has already managed to balance her academic pursuits with several extra-curricular activities that make for a relatively well-rounded young lady. 
Takeira dances. She doesn’t simply shake to the latest soca track or mosh to the hottest new hip hop releases. She is actually a member of the Marcia Charles Dance Company.   “Comprising one dozen dancers and four drummers, this youth and young adult ensemble from Port-of-Spain exuberantly expresses the diverse cultural mélange of the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Some dances, like the Bele, Bongo, and Congo, have ancient roots in Western Africa; others originated in India; while the Calypso and spiritual dances are unique to these southern Caribbean islands off the coast of Venezuela” (Source: Hartford Courant). 
As if those activities wouldn’t keep this mid-teen busy enough, she is also engaged in drama and even manages to play netball as a member of her school team. Clearly, Tekeira’s activities have contributed to the poise with which she carries herself - a fact not lost to judges of pageants she has entered. In 2010, she placed fourth runner up in the Pretty Plus Pageant, winning five of the ten categories listed. They included Best Smile, Best Introductory Speech, Best Evening wear, Best Casual Wear and Most Photogenic.
The potential for success has apparently been there for some time. At only five years old, she was crowned the winner of the Holiday Fun Pageant 2002 and awarded the prize for Best Model.
In many respects, Tekeira is not atypical of teen girls her age. She loves to have fun and is perhaps no less daring than her peers. Her mother, Tricia Atkins, is one of her primary supporters. Tricia styles her daughter’s hair, often creating very unconventional and memorable hairdos. 
And what does all of this mean to Tekeira? She says, “My dream is to become a Veterinarian and pursue studies in the field of science in the new school term.” We certainly wish her well in those pursuits. 
ENASHA PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to welcome Tekeira Atkins to Fashion | Panåche. We look forward to photographing her and showcasing this talented young lady.